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  • Whey protein shake
    10 x 35g

    125 Kcal 1,50g Carbohydrates 28g Protein 7,21g BCAA   Our shake contains high-quality isolate, which results in a high protein dosed product with low carbs and fats. The high amino...
  • Skin Care - Daily Collagen

    Skin Care - Daily Collagen

    This is a shake and comes in 30 unidoses, easy use one daily 69 Kcal 0,87g Carbohydrates 16,4g protein 50mg Vit C   Our collagen shake helps to improve musculoskeletal...
  • Casein protein shake
    10 x 31g

    24,1g Protein 5g BCAA   Our casein shake has a structure (micel) that digests much slower than normal protein, which slows down the release of amino acids. It is been...
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